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5 Easy Everyday Eco Friendly Changes

Small changes can make a big difference.

When it comes to tackling climate change, living sustainably and being environmentally friendly, it can seem like nothing will make a big difference. It can be incredibly disheartening and uninspiring thinking you can’t make a difference….


If everyone believes they can make a difference, and if everyone makes small changes then that will add up to massive global differences. Of course big changes are good and necessary but that doesn't mean small changes aren't great too! Those things that seem little to you, aren’t always as little as you think, so don’t give up because the task seems to big. Don’t give in because you think you can’t make a difference, because you can, we all can!

Many of us have already adopted eco-friendly habits but if you are searching for some everyday changes then here are my 5 favourite changes that are simple but really can make a difference.

Keep a reusable bag in your car

The simplest sustainable move you can make. This has saved me on so many occasions! I usually keep a couple of bags in my car so that I don’t get caught out when I’ve forgotten to put one back after having used it. You can level this up and keep a reusable cup in your car too.

Eat all of your veg!

Okay, bear with me, I’m not talking about being vegan, I’m talking about eating the entirety of veg you buy! You’ve paid for it and a farmer has grown it, why waste it! Here are my favourite ways to eat up all your veg

  1. You can roast cauliflower or broccoli stalks with the florets and they are just as tasty (if not better)

  2. The top of a leek is just as good as the main stalk – it just is a little tougher so takes longer to cook than the paler stem. You can just cook the whole leek as normal or if you want you can use the top in soups and stews

  3. Potato peels make amazing veggie crisps when roasted with some oil, salt and pepper till crispy

  4. Banana skins make a great BBQ pulled pork substitute. Sounds weird but trust me. Find a recipe here

Plan your meals

Meal planning can massively reduce your food waste because it stops you from over-buying. I like to plan the majority of my meals for the week and then leave a day or 2 empty in which I can use up leftovers or eat something unplanned if I am craving something.

Re-wear your clothes

Times are changing and slowly celebrities are being championed for wearing the same outfit twice and you can now hire clothes and handbags (albeit mostly designer) rather than buy it.

Clothes should be worn time and time again. If you love an outfit why not wear it ALL THE TIME? If you have a comfy but glam dress, then wear it till it falls apart (and even better mend it and wear it again!). Although fashion is slowly moving from fast trends to a more sustainable approach, for now, there will still be fast fashion and quick trends, but if you take a look at your wardrobe you might find you already have an on trend outfit with items that are years old! There’s a great movement on insta called Old Outfit of the Day which is great for timeless inspiration that looks so cool! Just search #oootd

Of course we will need to buy clothes at some point, but taking a moment before buying something to make sure you love it, need it, don’t already have the same thing and will wear it to death can make a huge difference for the planet and your purse!

Buy local and seasonal

One of the best food choices you can make is to eat seasonally and locally. Not only is it usually cheaper, but it supports farmers nearby and is great for the planet because there is much less energy used to store/grow/transport the food. This isn’t always easy to navigate, especially if you are shopping in a supermarket, but a quick google of the fruit and veg that is in season will help. Or you could even buy a cookbook that gives you seasonal recipes. Anna Jones has some beautiful recipe books, many of which focus on seasonal and sustainable eating. If you want more small sustainable tips that fit into your daily life, follow me on Instagram, where I often share tips and tricks on my stories


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