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Cheesy Wild Garlic Pizza Bread

I love melted cheese. In fact I love any kind of cheese, so this gooey cheesy garlicky pizza bread is something I was always going to like, but when I whipped it up the first time, I completely fell in love with it, so much so that I then had it again only a few days later. This is a really simple recipe if you have the garlic butter stored in your freezer. Wild garlic can usually be found between mid-march and mid-may in the UK and has a lovely mild but peppery garlic taste when cooked. I put it in everything from soup, to pesto, to pasta bakes. If you haven't already got wild garlic butter in the freezer (really who does!) then don't worry just read on for the instructions on how to make it. It doesn't need to be chilled or frozen before you start the pizza.

Cheesy Wild Garlic Bread:

Makes 1 Pizza


1 Pizza Base - I use a Schär Gluten-free pizza base 150-200g Grated Mozzarella - buy the pre-grated stuff, it is far better for this because it is what makes it golden! 50-70g Grated Cheddar 50g Wild Garlic Butter

As I said I like to keep a batch of wild garlic butter in my freezer but in case you aren't that prepared (or unusual) then click here for the recipe I use to make my garlic butter. Basically you chop up some wild garlic, soften some butter, mix, wrap and freeze.


  1. Preheat the grill to 200 degrees Celsius

  2. Slice your wild garlic butter into half cm rounds and lay onto the pizza base

  3. Place the pizza base under the grill for 1-minute to mostly melt the butter and then remove it and spread the butter out so it covers the base all the way to the edges

  4. Scatter over the cheddar cheese. Then scatter over the mozzarella. Make sure you do the cheeses this way round to get the best browning. Use as much or as little cheese as you want depending on your preference

  5. Put the pizza back under the grill for roughly 5 minutes till bubbling golden and scrumptious. - Do check the the cooking time of your pizza base and adjust cooking times accordingly, these times work for a 7-9 minute pizza but it should be fine for most bases as usually they range from 5-10 minutes

  6. Scatter over the wild garlic flowers if using and return to the grill for 30-seconds to 1-minute

  7. Remove, slice and devour!

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